7 Amazing Reasons To Use A Kettle Bell During Your Workouts

Kettle Bell Workout


Kettlebells, those weights that look like cannon balls with handles, are a common sight in modern gyms.

They’ve been in use for hundreds of years.

Russians used them to get troops into combat ready shape with minimal equipment.

They were introduced to America in 1998, and are not as widely used as they should be.

So here’s 5 reasons you should start using kettle bells during your workouts if you want to get into the best shape of your life..

#1 Kettlebells Build Real World Strength

Kettlebells work on a completely different principle than machines or free weights.

Exercise machines force you to move only along a predetermined path, so they work out only the major muscles and leave stabilizer muscles  undeveloped.

This workout leaves you at risk for injury when trying to use your machine-developed muscles in real world situations.

Free weights have a center of gravity in the hands or close to them, so they mostly work out the major muscles as well. Because of their odd shape, kettlebells have a center of gravity that is far away from the hands. Therefore, you must use your stabilizer muscles to control them.

This movement is like real life situations where you have to use your muscles, which is why kettlebells build real-world, functional strength. Kettlebells require you to develop coordination, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

#2 Kettlebells Improve Both Strength and Endurance

Whether your focus is on building strength or increasing endurance, the kettlebell will get you to your goals.

Kettlebell lifts alternate intense muscles contractions and controlled muscle relaxation, so your workouts will increase both your strength and your endurance.

#3 Kettlebells Increase Your Aerobic Capacity

Kettlebells are great for aerobic workouts and significantly increase the amount of oxygen your body can utilize, in a way that machines and free weights can’t. In other words, these workouts make you fitter.

#4 Kettlebells Work Your Core

Kettlebell lifts and swings involve explosive movements. Kettlebell lifts and swings require intense abdominal contractions. Because of these contractions, you’re giving your abs a workout even when your workout is not meant for your abs.

These workouts also involve very high usage of your other core muscles. After working out with kettlebells for awhile, you’ll have the strongest core and the best abs of your life!

#5 Kettlebell Workouts Burn a Lot of Calories

Because a kettlebell workout uses so many different muscles acting in unison, your heart rate quickly increases.

Some people burn as many as 20 calories per minute with these workouts, which is higher than most other workouts.

#6 Kettlebells Are Inexpensive

Depending on the size and manufacturer, kettlebells cost from $30 to $100 or so. For what amounts to the cost of a one month membership at the gym, you can get one single piece of exercise equipment that will do everything the gym could do for you, but for the rest of your life.

#7 Kettlebells Are Small

A kettlebell is all you need for a highly effective workout. If you have no space for a lot of weights and machines, or often travel, then the kettlebell is the ideal piece of workout equipment for you. It can be stored almost anywhere, and can easily be tossed in the car to travel along with you.

Are Your Ready To Start Using A KettleBell?

If you aren’t already using a kettlebell, it’s well worth your time to give one a try. It will get you the results you are after faster than anything else can.


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