Essential Lifts

5 Essential Lifts To Shortcut Your Way To A Better Body


You want to make sure you’re making the most of your time and effort at the gym.

Time is limited so here are 5 essential lifts you can do in the gym they will help you make size and strength gains fast..

#1 Bench Press

The bench press is the ubiquitous and undisputed metric of upper body strength in the weight training and powerlifting community.

When people ask how strong you are, more often than not they’ll ask “What do you bench?”

And that’s for good reason.

The bench press allows you to push the maximum amount of weight possible using your upper body and works your;

  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • and tricep muscles!

Not only is the bench press one of the most effective methods for building upper body strength, but the muscle growth you experience in these areas can help you quickly develop a more muscular and aesthetic physique.

#2 Squat

The squat is a very simple and basic movement you perform every day whenever you sit down or get up.

However, this motion becomes a lot more powerful when you perform it with a loaded barbell.

Squatting develops;

  • The quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower back
  • Abdominals
  • and nearly every other muscle in your body!

Your legs are generally the strongest muscle group in your body.

As a result, the squat allows you to lift heavy weight with relative ease.

This high amount of weight will not only provide an effective lower body workout, but will also strengthen the relatively weaker core and upper body muscles necessary to balance and stabilize your body and bar throughout the squat’s full range of motion.

#3 Deadlift

Most people dread the deadlift, but it can greatly increase your full body strength and help improve posture and joint health.

The pulling motion required to stand up while lifting the bar off the floor directly works the entire posterior chain including;

  • The calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower back
  • Spine
  • Shoulders
  • and traps

Training these areas can also help improve and alleviate lower back pain and weakness.

Due to its simplicity, the deadlift can also be performed with a high amount of weight.

Lifting heavier weight allows you to more effectively grow stronger and build more muscle, and the large amount of effort and focus required to properly handle such high loads during this particular movement also stimulates and strengthens your nervous system.

#4 Clean and Press

This exercise consists of two parts, and requires a little more athleticism to perform.

Lifting a barbell off the floor or from a hanging position and then pressing it overhead requires strength, power, speed, balance, and concentration.

Not only is your lower body and back involved in lifting the bar to the rack position, but your shoulders, traps, upper back, and triceps are also effectively activated during the overhead lift.

The clean and press might not be the most common exercise in most gyms, but it is one of the most practical ways to train for full body strength and is an impressive demonstration of power and athleticism.

#5 Pullups

You were most likely forced to do these in gym class, but regardless of how well you performed in your physical education class, this exercise needs to be part of your strength training routine.

By pulling your body straight up through space you strengthen your biceps and upper back muscles and develop a valuable physical ability.

Pulling yourself up and over objects is useful if you ever need to climb out of or over any situation, and pullups also help develop overall upper body strength and stabilizer muscles.

The tension placed on your biceps and upper back muscles will also give you powerful looking arms and an attractive, broad, and tapered silhouette.

All of these exercises are highly effective on their own, but combined they provide a powerful and challenging workout for your entire body.

Incorporate these lifts into your strength training routine to see significant improvements in muscle size and strength, as well as your overall physical stature!

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