Exercise For Busy People

5 Exercises For People Who Are Too Busy To Workout


We all know it’s important to exercise but it’s not always that easy.

Exercise improves your health, adds years to your life, and sharpens your mind.

If you’re a parent or a professional, you may be so busy that you don’t see how you could fit a workout routine into your daily schedule.

While you can’t get 25 hours in a day, you can adopt an exercise strategy that makes the most of the time you do have.

These exercises can be done throughout the day, whenever you have a few free minutes. They require no exercise equipment and are easy to perform whether you’re at work, taking care of the kids, or on the go!

#1 Lunch Walks

You can get a lot of good exercise by bringing your workout shoes with you to the office and going on power walks during your lunch breaks.

Spend as much of your lunch break as you can walking at a rapid pace.

You won’t get as much of an aerobic workout as you would at the gym, but you’ll still get a decent workout without having to take too much time out of your busy schedule.

#2 Calf Raises

Doing calf raises will strengthen and tone your lower legs.

They are also very easy to do at the office, in the kitchen, or anywhere you can find five minutes.

All you need to do is stand up and, with your legs straight, stand on your toes and raise your heels as far up as possible. If you can have your heels start on the floor while the balls of your feet are on a slightly raised surface, it works even better.

#3 Lunges

Lunges build core strength and leg strength. All you need to do lunges is a little floor space.

Put your hands on your hips. Step forward as far as you can, and sink your body down so that your forward knee is bent at a right angle and your rear knee is on the floor. Stand back up and do it again, reversing the legs.

#4 Chair Dips

Chair dips can be done with any sturdy chair that is not on wheels, and they are great for your triceps.

Sit on the edge of your chair with your hands gripping the edge.

Place your shoes on the floor a little in front of your knees. Slide off the edge of your chair and lower yourself to the floor. Make sure you stretch your arms, do not let them push out to the sides. Then push yourself back onto the chair.

#5 Squats

There are many different kinds of squats. They are excellent as a fat-burning aerobic exercise and also build muscle. The most effective kind of squat involves starting from a standing position, sinking down until your knees are all the way bent, and then standing up onto the balls of your feet while you swing your arms overhead. Then return to the initial standing position and repeat.

Get Started!

Fitting a series of quick workouts throughout your day can be almost as effective as spending an hour at the gym, and it is certainly easier than finding a way to cram an extra hour into your busy schedule.

Instead of making a bad schedule even worse, or feeling guilty for not working out, use these quick energizing exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.

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