The Lazymans Way To Abs

Thought you needed to do situps and crunches to get a nice set of abs? well you thought wrong! Guys are getting fake abs and it looks painful! The Hospitals CEO where these procedures are taking place and surgeon Raweewat “Sae” Maschamadol revealed they get up to 30 new customers per year for this procedure […]

CBD BCAAs Just Arrived And We’re Wondering Where They’ve Been All Our Lives

No pain, no gain right? If you train hard that’s the mantra you live by. A bit of soreness isn’t too terrible and, let’s be honest, the post-workout burn makes us all feel like we’ve done something worthwhile. But lingering, aching joints or tendon pain isn’t what any of us want. Especially now that the […]

The 7 Worrying Signs Your Testosterone Levels May Be Running Low

Most men have no clue until it’s too late. Sure, it’s all good when you’re in your roaring 20s. But as you get older, your sex drive takes a nosedive if you don’t keep your testosterone levels high. Testosterone is the most vital hormone in men, especially when it comes to reproduction and physical wellness. […]

How To Train like A Royal Marine Commando

You’ve heard of the Royal Marines right? No? Well they are the most elite bunch of soldiers you can get in the UK. So you’re thinking they must train hard right? Well I’m going to tell you now how we trained (I’m an Ex Royal Marine of 6 years) Be Ready With the Royal Marines […]

Boost Your Biceps With These 5 Powerful Exercises

When you were a kid and an adult asked you to “show us your muscles” I bet it was the biceps that you flexed. It’s been grained into us since we were kids that bigger biceps are more attractive. So here are the best 5 biceps that’ll have your biceps popping out of your shirts […]

Five Amazing Health Benefits Of HIIT

We all know how beneficial working out is for our health. Unfortunately for many of us though, it is hard to find time to fit a good workout into our busy schedules. What many don’t know though, is that by doing HIIT or interval training, you can get the results of a half hour workout, […]

5 Exercises For People Who Are Too Busy To Workout

We all know it’s important to exercise but it’s not always that easy. Exercise improves your health, adds years to your life, and sharpens your mind. If you’re a parent or a professional, you may be so busy that you don’t see how you could fit a workout routine into your daily schedule. While you […]

5 Essential Lifts To Shortcut Your Way To A Better Body

You want to make sure you’re making the most of your time and effort at the gym. Time is limited so here are 5 essential lifts you can do in the gym they will help you make size and strength gains fast.. #1 Bench Press The bench press is the ubiquitous and undisputed metric of […]

How To Stay In Shape While On Vacation (5 Tips)

It’s not at all uncommon for people to return from a vacation a few pounds heavier than they were before they left. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you would like to maintain your figure while still enjoying your vacation, you will find the following five tips helpful: #1 Get Your Steps […]

5 Handy Tips For Those Who Want To Start Exercising Daily

So you’d love to workout more, but you just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to actually do it? If so, you’re not alone. While most people understand the benefits of regular exercise, it can be a challenge to fit it into a busy schedule. Usually, the hardest part is getting into a […]